Seminarios GIEMA: Taller de modelado numérico de materiales compuestos reforzados con fibras tejidas

Fernando Barros, Jefferson Gamboa

In this work, we investigate the numerical modelling for the mechanical behaviour of woven fique-fibre reinforced composites, using the finite elements method (FEM) for different kind of forces and different woven fique-fibre configurations. The fique-fibre woven styles are taken from commercial models and validated by experimental data. This research has the objective of establishing a baseline for further studies looking for applications for this kind of material technology, depending on the mechanical behaviour obtained.

The FEM analysis is performed with the software Ansys, and for the woven fique fibre modelling we use the software Texgen. Initially, the woven-composite modelling is made to determine the equivalent elastic properties, according to the materials and the fibre-matrix relation. Then, the forces are applied to the model to analyse the mechanical behaviour.